A GUI for SchemaSpy (Graphical Database Schema Metadata Browser)

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Download SchemaSpyGUI (0.99)

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SchemaSpyGUI is a graphical user interface for the program SchemaSpy from John Currier. With SchemaSpy you can analyze the schema metadata of a database and generate a browser readable graphical representation of it.

SchemaSpy is a java-based command line tool. SchemaSpyGUI is also java-based and sits on top of it and provides a graphical interface for those of us which appreciate the comfort of windows and mouse based applications (like me ;-)). SchemaSpyGUI is distributed under the terms of the Lesser GNU Public License. Maybe the tool is useful for some of you. Feedback on problems and/or enhancements is appreciated and needed :-).

SchemaSpyGUI Screenshot SchemaSpyGUI - Screenshot


Needed additional tools/applications

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Download SchemaSpyGUI (0.99)


Just unpack the downloaded .zip file. Copy either the schemaspy.jar into your SchemaSpyGUI folder or copy the SchemaSpyGUI files and folders into your SchemaSpy folder. If you are a windows user, click on schemaSpyGUI.bat. If you are working with Linux, try ./schemaSpyGUI.sh (don't forget to make it executable). If SchemaSpyGUI will not start, then try "java -jar schemaSpyGUI.jar" at the command line (within the folder where the schemaSpyGUI.jar resides).

Get in touch

If you would like to receive update, bug-fix, enhancement notifications please register at the SchemaSpyGUI Mailing List (http://lists.joachim-uhl.de/mailman/listinfo/schemaspygui). If you need help try the Help Forum at Sourceforge.net and if you would like to discuss something try the Open Discussion Forum at Sourceforge.net. If you would like to contact me, please try: admin at joachim-uhl.de

Future plans

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